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estore+media – the expert in Digital Brand Intelligence.

estore+media specializes in delivering actionable insights, content, and tools to help clients grow their online competencies and capabilities. We are pioneers in the field e-packaging, new ways to utilize ecommerce as a medium, and measuring and leveraging the impact of social media activities on brand equity. We provide impactful information so you can create content that sells.

Global reach and experience

Ongoing projects in 30+ countries and languages.

Social branding

Social media is a serious marketing channel playing an important role in brand building. We know how to track social impact on brand equity and identify what really works.


Crowd sourcing

Consumers share their views and opinions about your products millions of times each day. If you want to hear their feedback and derive insights from it, we offer a solution that structures the data enabling easy analysis and understanding.


eCommerce brand consultancy

Whether your brand is an ecommerce veteran or a rookie, there is still plenty of room to grow. We can add perspective and provide a short list of activities that can result in double digit growth in just a few weeks.


Social listening

Keep an eye on what others say about your brand and about your competition across various place online. Track social media, opinion websites, and online stores. Get high level measures or deep dive specific metrics.


Shopper Experience

Designing the right eCommerce assets for brands and products requires specific knowledge that varies not only across product categories and markets, but also retailers. We can help.



Learn where and how to improve your eCommerce presence. Maximize sales and brand impact in a measurable way. This is our flagship solutions, leveraged by some of the worlds greatest brands.


Social Industry Reports

Standardized social media reports per industry allowing brands to easily benchmark their performance both historically and vs. competitors on both quantitative and content dimensions.


Shopper Insights

Shoppers share their product experience with other shoppers. Learn what they love and hate to improve your products and communication.


eCommerce content

Managing thousands of product descriptions in multiple languages is complex. Our dedicated systems and copywriters can lend a helping hand.


We proudly work for dozens of brands – you  may have heard of some: