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10 Things to Win with In-Store Search

Shoppers who use in-store search engine tools to navigate the store are 50% more likely to buy, claims Practical Ecommerce. Stores often encourage shoppers to use search via improving its visibility and usability. Additionally, it is Amazon that is a starting website for consumers who seek product information close to 3x bigger vs. good old […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Track the Average Star-Rating of Your Brand

Brand owners who realize the impact star-ratings have on consumer purchase intention in their category, try to improve this area. One of the first questions we usually hear from clients is “What is the optimal star-rating?”. There are many theories about what should be the optimal rating for a product. Many believe it should be […]

7 Reasons Why Total and Average Number of Reviews are Misleading

Brand owners who realize the impact reviews have on purchase intent in their category, try to improve this area. One of the first questions we usually hear from our clients is “What is the optimal number of reviews?”. The starting point of the discussion is usually the value of around 20, as many believe that […]

eStoreVoice Preparing Brands for Voice Commerce

We are proud to announce launching new capabilities in voice commerce. Our eStoreVoice team is focused on supporting international brands with activities on voice devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. The first series of eStoreVoice projects in the US kicked off early this year, as we worked with leading CPG brands. These […]

eStoreMedia Expands the Team

Joanna Grabek, Adam Puchalski, Filip Żok and Michał Stanowski, photo: Mikołaj Dakowicz eStoreMedia recently took onboard four new members to the Client Success Team. Fulfilling their key function as Client Partners, the new members are Joanna Grabek; Adam Puchalski (recently a business analyst at X-Trade Brokers as well as Innogy); Filip Żok (extensive experience in digital and […]

Amazon’s Black Friday Game

eStoreMedia takes a closer look at Amazon’s November discount sales and retailer pricing strategies The hottest sales period of the year for retailers is over – it is now time to gather what can be learned and prepare for an even better 2018. For almost half a century Black Friday has been the most celebrated day […]

eStoreCheck’s OneNumber Dynamics – the Fitness Tracker, for Business

Few categories of products can escape the impact e-commerce has brought to retail. The fact is – buying and selling online has become the fastest growing sub-channel of retail in the world. Background 10 out of 10 leading CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) or EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) use services similar to eStoreCheck to monitor their […]

How to build your brand in e-commerce

We recently received a question from one of our clients (brands) operating a cosmetics business. Thank you for your eStoreCheck report, but I see that mostly my performance in e-commerce is sick. What should I start with? I know e-commerce is a growing channel right now in my category, but I still have limited resources in my […]

eStoreMedia expands cooperation with the Nestlé Group!

eStoreMedia, a company specialising in managing and creating multimedia product content for e-commerce, develops cooperation with the Nestlé Group. After a successful rich content implementation for Purina brand in web-based sale services, also Nespresso decided to entrust eStoreMedia with the services in this area. ‘We’ve been searching for a reliable partner who would strengthen the […]