gain mind opening consumer insights from ecommerce ratings and reviews.


gain mind opening consumer insights from ecommerce ratings and reviews.

Shopper Review Analysis is research that leverages eCommerce ratings and reviews to identify consumer insights, define value drivers and assess brand equities.


Authentic customer feedback

SRA is based on thousands of real consumer reviews shared on e‑commerce sites which can be quantified to improve product and marketing communication.


Track your new launches

Benchmark and track performance down to the level of a SKU


Know your competition

SRA can be run worldwide on almost any product. Remote markets or bizzare competitive innovations are all within scope.

ShopperReviewAnalysis provides clear guidance on improvements of product and marketing communication.


Human-enhanced content encoding

Human auditors are utilized to ensure correct understanding of shopper language. All reviews are encoded with relevant category and brand features and assessed for sentiment.


Statistical modelling of results

Enriched data is processed by multiple statistical methods to meet client requirements and uncover key purchase drivers, unmet needs, dynamics and many more. This method can accurately define the difference between brands, countries, price tiers or even SKUs.


Meaningful outcome

SRA provides several metrics that support in-depth understanding of shoppers opinion on given products & features. Popularity – how much shoppers think/care about product on a given feature. Sentiment – how satisfied are shoppers with the performance of products on given feature. Star-rating impact – how do shoppers’ opinions about a specific features translate into product review ratings/stars


Extensive business impact

SRA learnings are widely used to guide product design, portfolio strategy and marketing communication. This serves as a compliment to or substitute for brand equity trackers of focus groups.

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